Monique Tunsill

Monique Tunsill

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Monique Tunsill is a Jacksonville; First Coast native, devoted wife, and mother of five wonderful children. She knows the lay of the land and is equipped to provide competent and compassionate guidance for those seeking the purchase or sale of real estate on the First Coast.

Monique is a lover of good inspirational, funky, heartfelt, meaningful music. But where her passion truly lies, is in the education of our children. Her commitment to the young is witnessed in the positive self-encouragement and tutelage she freely gives to those at her child's academy school where she volunteers. She says children are our future and so we must instill the best in us to them.

During her twelve-year military career, Monique served as a logistical expert for her Battalion and as an instructor for soldiers transitioning into the logistical field. As a Federal Technician she managed programs valued in excess of thirteen million dollars and earned a number of awards recognizing her excellence in communication, leadership, problem-solving, and her comprehensive approach to completing the task at hand.

Buying and selling real estate can be exciting, exhausting, and stressful all at once. The process requires enthusiasm, patience, perseverance, and resourcefulness. All of which are qualities Monique has exuded throughout her military career and family life. Now, as a member of the Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty team, she stands on the firm footing established over 112 years ago by Coldwell Banker. Known for her love of people and commitment to helping others, she stands ready to help you reach your real estate goals and be... 'The Bridge to Your Destination'.